Bead Necklace!!!




Introduction: Bead Necklace!!!

Dear All,

Presenting my very first Instructable here, please provide your feedback for improving the stuff in future.

Let's start with the instructable which is very simple to do and can be completed in few hours of time.

Have started and completed this today itself.

Stuffs and Tools needed:

1) White beads (pearlish white).

2) Gear Wire.

3) Cutter and plier.

4) Gear lock.

5) Connecting hook.

6) Multicolor beads.

Altogether the stuffs excluding tools cost only 4$.

Step 1:

Lets start preparing the bead necklace with the gear wire initially. Cut the gear wire into three long strings of equal length.Length depends upon the size of your choice.

Step 2:

Insert the gear lock into the 3 strings to make it into a single string. After that add one end of the connecting wire and with the plier bend the three strings together and insert those strings into that gear lock and press hard the gear lock to make the strings strong enough. Be careful while pressing hard the gear lock because at times while pressing with the plier gear wire might cut into pieces.

Step 3:

The basic step for preparing the necklace is over. After this, the design of the necklace depends upon the individuals creativity. Here I started with a golden bead initially followed by 15 white beads. After that I inserted Multicolor bead, and stone worked bead. From this point the 3 strings are seperated. The three strings are differentiated by the multicolor beads placed in the middle of white beads.

Step 4:

The count of white beads must be equal in all the 3 strings if the multicolor beads inserted in the middle are of various sizes. If the multicolor beads are of same size then adjust the count of the white beads accordingly. Now Complete the other half of the necklace with the same procedure done initially in the reverse order.

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    5 years ago

    Thanks a lot Seamster


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great looking homemade necklace!

    Congrats on posting your first instructable, I hope we see many more from you! :)