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I have another tutorial again and this time it's making wire heart earrings ♥ Wit the same steps you can also make pendants and charms. All you have to do is make the heart shape bigger. 

Step 1:

Cut about 9cm wire and make a loop at the center with a round nose pliers. Bend the wires up, making sure the wires are of the same length.

Step 2:

Then with a round object, in this case I used a pliers' handle make a curve by bending the wire downward. Do the same for the other wire.

Step 3:

After bending the wires you'll see that is starts to shape into a heart. Adjust the wires, if needed and then make a loop at both ends.

Step 4:

Then fill the heart with bicones. You can also use round beads if you like. With a thinner wire, first wrap the heart frame at least 2x and then slide in a bicone and then wrap again.

Step 5:

Continue wrapping until you fill the heart frame with bicones. 

Step 6:

Then with the extra wire slide in a bigger round bead and wrap the other end onto the heart frame to secure it. Cut off excess wires.

Step 7:

Make one more heart with the same steps and attach your ear wires. Voila! You've made yourself a bead wrapped heart earrings ♥ Hope you like the design. It's really cute! 

I have posted the complete steps on my blog. You also have the option to download a PDF copy if you like ♥ Have fun!



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    Beautiful! One thing, do you know what gauge wire you used? I'm going to go ahead and try these, though, with wire that seems right.

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