Beaded Bookmarks




This is how to make beaded bookmarks.  You will need headpins and wire as well as the bookmark blank, a chain and beads.

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Step 1:

Attach a jump ring (open with pliers) to the bookmark and cut 2 lengths of chain.  You will need to attach a lobster clip to the end of each piece of chain.  Making the book mark with lobster clips means that you can take part of it to make a matching bag charm.

Step 2:

Attach leaf shaped beads along the chain with jump rings.  Then use the head pins to attach 2 round beads at a time along the chain, use round ended pliers to form a round end to the wire and use this to attach to the chain.

Step 3:

Attach the chains to the bookmark with the lobster clips.  Attach a 'handmade' charm if you wish.

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