Beaded Bride and Groom

Introduction: Beaded Bride and Groom

I made this set of glass Beaded Bride and Groom just out of my head and tried to sell them, but  was unsuccessful, instead i used them on my own wedding cake when I got married eight years ago. This project took me several months to make, I would stay up many hour of the night working on this. There was not pattern of any kind, it was just in my head. I did not actualy set them on top of my cake just in front of it but this is the final project with the cake behind them.

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Step 1: Making of the Bride

I bought the bottles at a dollar store and had the glass beads, first i beaded with small round beads and then I had a idea to add a train to the dress with the longer beads, I then decided she needed a collar a head dress and then a boquea of flowers. I also added her some arms along with a head dress.

Step 2: Making of the Groom

Again I bought the bottle at the dollar store, I beaded his head with white beads, then the rest of him with black and sliver to make him look like he was wearing a tux, he is also wearing a red cumber band around his waist. As I was looking at him he needed a collar for his jacket, red shirt under it and then a red butinear. His head did not seem quit right so I made him a beaded top hat. His jacket needed some tucks and tails so I added those. Hope you enjoy. This project took several months to make, but it was worth it in the long run, tried to sell the set ,but it was not ment to be, used them for my own wedding instead. Its only one of a kind.

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