Beaded Fishtail Rainbow Loom




Step 1: Supplies

You will need the following:
1.rainbow loom bands
2.c/s clip
3.rainbow loom or your fingers
4.(if you chose the loom) rainbow loom hook
5. Beads ( let the hole in the bead be big enough for the band to go through)

Step 2:

You are first going to place three bands on your loom as if a normal fishtail bracelet. The first band you place let it be twisted into an eight then place on loom. After that place the next two bands untwisted.

Step 3:

Take the bottom band out. Then add a new band to the top and repeat the step.

Step 4:

Now take a band whatever color you want and place a bead through that band. Now place that band with the bead on the loom an take the bottom band out

Step 5:

Repeat the following steps till you reach desired length:

Place a band without bead on the loom then take out the bottom band then add a band with bead and take the bottom band out repeat the pattern or whatever pattern you want your bracelet to be like

Step 6:

Hope you all liked this tutorial and hope I helped oh and at the end your just hook on the c/s clip and there you are done.

Step 7:

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    Aleeza's FutureF

    Question 7 months ago

    Could I just add an extension on if I run out of beads?