Beaded Heartlocket With Secret Message

Make a beautiful heart pendant from beads. Inside you can stash a lock of hair or a secret message that will stay there forever (or at least until the heart breaks).

The red/pink heart is made the same way as the blue/turquoise, but with smaller beads.

For the blue/turquoise heart you will need:

19 blue beads (10mm)

19 turquoise beads (10mm)

14 silver beads (6mm)

fireline thread (.006 grey)

2 beading needles (I used size 11, but for beads this big you can use bigger needles)

metal ring + chain

Step 1: Video Tutorial

Step 2: Photos of the Steps Used in Video

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Thanks for watching and if you have feedback or questions, let me know.





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    2 Discussions

    Fuzzy Monkey

    1 year ago

    Awesome! It might help you get feature to put pictures as well as drawings and separate the steps more.

    1 reply
    kamadesignFuzzy Monkey

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thanks for the comment. I wasn't sure about how to make it. My previous tutorials have always been photos only, but I thought this one needed an actual video. Thought it would be redundant to add step by steps aswell. I'll keep your suggestion in mind for future projects.