Beaded Hat

Introduction: Beaded Hat

Here is a beaded hat that I made for my girls. They love them. I found the pattern on provocraft website. I used the kniffty knitter looms. I used pastel yellow Jiffy yarn. For the hat that has purple in it. I used one strand of Jiffy and one strand of a verigated purple/yellow of sugar n cream. The beads are pony beads.

My girls love the hats. I have made the same hats without the beads for infants and they knit up quickly.



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    what size (color of knifty knitter will do) of knitting loom did you use to make these hats? They are adorable!

    Hi.These hats are so cute...... Where did you get the pattern???Want to try my hand at doing this...but guess I could do beads on any hat...Great job

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    The pattern came from the provo craft website. They are the ones that make the knifty knitter. Its Look in the hats. The title is beaded hat. It is really easy.

    You know, I went to the provocraft and could not find but a few projects and if I write beaded hat on the search window, would send no results. Please give me a link. Those hats are beautiful as well as the models. Thank you

    So cute! Both the hats and the little girls. You make very nice stuff.