Bean Bag Toss




Intro: Bean Bag Toss

I made this bean bag toss game for a neighbour's children using a large box. I cut shapes from it using a craft knife and then painted it like a bunch of balloons. I added some numbers to include an educational element which will hopefully make it a little more interesting too. The bottom of the box has been left open to stabilise the box and make retrieving the bean bags easier. I have taped and glued the sides of the box closed. 

The bean bags are simply made from squares cut from an old pair of denim jeans and filled with rice. 

The whole project was made in about and hour and a half and could be varied in a hundred different ways, very cheap and fun!



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    3 years ago

    It stands because I open the bottom flaps of the box and then I put it against a wall so that if it does get hit a bit hard it won't fall


    3 years ago on Introduction

    How does it keep from falling over when the bean bags hit the back of the box? I would think since they're heavy that they would knock the box over?