Bean Gun Sling Shot




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This is a pretty powerful gun/sling shot. It looks like a rain drop & you can point it like a finger (fake) gun.

Step 1: Ingredents

What you need is: paper, make it to where it can fit your thumb+ 1st finger; paper plate; a thick, short, rubber band, clear tape, & scissors.

Step 2: Half Folding

Fold down in half 3 times.

Step 3: Raindrop Fold

Now you have to fold up where the 2 points meet. Tape both ends.

Step 4: Rubber Band

Tape the band @ front or back of the drop (which ever part you are comfortable with).

Step 5: Paper Plate

Cut the plate to the shape & size of the drop & tape the top of the drop with the plate.

Step 6: Last Step


Step 7: Firing

You hold it back like a sling shot, aim, FIRE! Sometimes, they are weak or not even launch. But sometimes you can bust a bean with it! & it can go where you don't want it to go. But that's OK. It can do perfect if you practice, practice, practice! : )



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