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Introduction: Bear Cloak

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So the opera wanted me to make a bear hood thing, kind of like Leonardo DiCaprio's from The Revenant, but more sort of childish, or teddy bear like. Since I could not find any tutorials, I decided to make one myself. This took about three weekends, because I have still have school on the weekdays, or about 36 hours in all.

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Step 1: Supplies

-Paper for Patterning

-1 yard of felt-Bear fur or Faux fur

-Craft foam scraps

- 2 glass stone beads


-Leather Scraps

-Spray glue or hot glue

Step 2: Patterning

Does anyone like patterning??? No! No one does! The pattern of the bear body is made out of freezer paper, and the hood part out of printing paper. It doesn't matter it there are slight blemishes in the pattern because we will be covering it in fur (the pattern above is not quite done yet that's why the paws are uneven). The head shape of the bear I made out of craft foam. I had no real strategy for making it; I pretty much just layered on until it looked bear like.The actress who will wear this, is about my mom's size, so all the patterning was done on her.

Step 3: The HEAD!!!!!

I made the head out of all the scraps I have from foam hats and such. I didn't follow a pattern, I just glued everything together, until it looked bear-ish. Next I just cut out the pattern in felt and sewed it together. Since Hancock fabrics was closing, and everyone was panicking, the only felt I could get my hands on was red :( Oh well. After the felt was sewed together, I had a kinda hood-like thing. I didn't take many pictures, however because I'm lazy.

Step 4: Adding Fur

I glued all the fur to the to the form, until no red was showing, and for the muzzle I trimmed the fur down (like real bears have). In the inner month I glued more felt in.

Step 5: Details

It was still a bit patchy, so I added more fur to the shoulders and neck. We don't want any red peeping though!This bear was supposed to look kinda cartoon-y. So for the teeth and claws, I just cut them out of the cardboard and glued them in. The eyes are just glass circles that I found in the fake flower section at Hobby Lobby, and painted yellow. I also just glued these in with hot glue.

Well, first Instructables done, any suggestions/questions?

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    4 years ago

    This turned out really well!

    Great first instructable. Keep up the good work! :)