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Introduction: Beard to Paint Brush

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I am an Artist and I use paint brushes. One brush in my arsenal of brushes is always made from my hair or beard in the case of this brush. I find that painting with my own hair puts more of me into my art and makes it uniquely mine. The hair paint brushes are not the best or worst I have made fine tip to broad tipped brushes. For this Instructable I will be making a broad brush.

Step 1: Grow Some Hair

This step takes awhile. So I trim my beard off every 3 or 4 month and grow it again. Braid it and band it tight then cut it off.

Step 2: After the Weirdness of a Hair Cut

It is always a weird feeling after a haircut adjust to the changes and get over it hair grows back.

Step 3: Get a Stick

To make a brush it will require a stick to hold it other wise its just finger painting. I used oak and left the little summer acorns on the shaft because I was reading a bumper sticker that said "THE MIGHTY OAK,ONE LITTLE NUT THAT HELD ITS GROUND" and for me that was one heck of a statement. So cut off the leaves and trim the ends to a point.

Step 4: Pull Some Hair

Unbraid some hair and lay it across a string tie it then fold the hair over and tie it again. Then tie it a few times just for good measure and add a drop of waterproof glue on the tied end.

Step 5: Stick to It

put a dab of glue on the stick and push the brush end onto it then tie it to the stick with hitch knots and glue the ends. Trim off loose hairs and shape the brush as desired.

Step 6: Paint

Your brush is done now paint. Need a pen check out my quill



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    You should try getting a paintbrush at a store and removing the hair, then put your own hair on.

    2 replies

    yah, I gues that you could replace the bristles with hair oncwe the bristles start, as I say "dying" you know when the bristles are in such a bad condition that you can't use the brush.

    could you do this with horse hair?

    the only thing i can say is bruh...

    To replace the paint brush hair with your own hair.