Beast Bot QuadCopter

Hey guys! This is beast Bot , It is a quad copter design that I have mad on CAD . The idea would be to print it out in 3D off the CAD files , attach the components and fly =D . The Quad is designed to fit some Parkfly motors from HK , and I designed the camera mount system for a RTR Fatshark FPV set . The battery tray is modeled to fit a 3s 5000mah Lipo Pack. Follow me through my design process =D

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Step 1: Somewhere to Start

I Started off my modeling the motor off some specs on HK's website , just so that I have something that I can use on my drawings. I then drew out the rough shape of what o wanted to achieve.

Step 2: Time to Find Your Feet :P

I then took the initial "frame" and started making feet  , I made the feet by using different size poly lines at different heights , then lofting them . This created a solid . I took the "shell" tool and made them 2mm thick.

Step 3: Frame Time

I then extruded to create tubing , this tubing will allow for the cables to be neatly hidden away.

Step 4:

I then created a space under the motor mount where the connecting plugs could be hidden , ontop of that I made the motor mouth where the screws can go in from underneath to securely hold the motor.

Step 5: Make the Body

I used lofting once again to create a nice looking body that flowed smoothly. I also made it a 2mm thick shell. This allows room for lots of electronics and batteries.

Step 6: Camera Holder

I made this so that the FPV system can be at the right angle and can be adjusted during flight .

Step 7: Battery / Electronics Tray

I tried to keep weight down on the battery tray while still creating a spot for the battery and electronics where they can be held firmly. I also put a spot where a length of valcro can go around the battery to hold it down

Step 8: Assemble

Put the battery tray inside the body , and make sure the camera mount fits nicely

Step 9: Add Paint!

Time to make it look good! add paint or decals as you please ;D

Step 10: The Design Process Is Over!

Your design should be complete =D .if you have any questions ill be glad to help! Designing is one of my passions so if you have a problem and need help I will be keen to have a go at it =D . The most awesome thing about CAD is that now if you have an idea , you can make that idea into something visible that every one can see , it is amazing !

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    7 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Where can I download the files? I want to print it and build it

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi adioh, if you send me your email I can try send you the cad file


    Reply 5 years ago on Step 10

    Hi roseengle , TurboCad can be bought from shops such as CNA and Macro in South Africa , I am not sure if that helps. I am self taught , I'D advise you get the program and just start messing around.