Beat Up Pallet Turned Rustic Bench




Introduction: Beat Up Pallet Turned Rustic Bench

Circular saw
3" Screws

This is about a 45 minute bench that cost me $15...If you find a good pallet this will probably be a free project with the addition of screws and nails...The frame underneath the pallet boards is made of 2x4's...If you find a pallet with decent 2x4's or 2x6's, save money by using them...The legs are simply 4x4 treated posts cut equally with a circular saw...I just turned them as I finished each cut and lined the speed square up to my next line...Cutting 4x4's with a circular saw is a lot easier than some people say, just invest in a $2 speed square (carpenter square)...For the pallet deconstruction I just cut along the middle pallet support (halving the boards) without having to pull any nails...the lengths i needed were only 19" so I had plenty of wood...So with the frame built and the legs attached to the inside of the frame, just start nailing in the rustic pallet boards to the 2x4 frame...I covered up all the side 2x4's with more pallet wood just to hide those fresh looking 2x4' for about an hour and $15 bucks, you've got a pretty decent looking bench...You could do a ton of finishing work to this bench as well and make a really nice piece of recyclage...Cheers



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    4 Discussions

    Thanks! Can't wait to build a few for around our fire pit!!

    I really like your bench. I'm building a couple and have a question on finishing. Since pine takes stain rather unevenly I thought I'd start with wood conditioner before staining and then topping it all off with Waterlox. The pieces will be out in all weather. Does this sound like a good plan? Any other advice or experience would be welcomed. Thanks.

    Just stumbled across this. Being tired of a formal dining room, I was looking to make benches to line two walls, putting in a nook and changing the dining room to "farmhouse" style... rather than the (now overbearing) mahogany table and chairs I have had for so long. Not wanting to shell out a small fortune, this idea will REALLY be a huge help in making something fantastic in the room!! Thanks tons for the idea!

    How do I save the .skp? I have google sketch up.
    Great project.