Beats by Andrew's P1

Introduction: Beats by Andrew's P1

In this Instructable we will show you how to make a headphone at home.

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Step 1: Grab the Materials

Go and find all the materials


We chose a Plastic cup so it can be the base of the headphone where the sound will come out.

We chose the Electrical tape because it can produce to conduct electricity throughout the wire.

Alligator clips can be optional

Aux cord is to connector it to your phone then connect your wire to the Aux Cord to here sound coming out

Magnets are used to be placed in the middle of the wires and produce magnesium to so the sound can travel.

Glue stick was used as a base to wrap around the coil

Wire (28 gauge)was the amount to be able to here sound.

Wire cutters/ Scissors was to cut any wire sticking out

Sand paper was to sand the end of the wire to connect them together.

Step 2: Wire

Get a piece of 28 gauge wire

Step 3: Wire Continue

Measure wire

Step 4: Glue Stick

Wrap wire around the glue stick to make the coil

Step 5: Sand Paper

Sand both ends of wire, rotate all sides to make sure everything is sanded correctly(1 inch)

Step 6: Magnets

Place one magnet on bottom of cup, then the other one from the other end

Step 7: Cup

7: Turn cup upside down place magnet in the middle then the wire goes around the magnet, then put electrical tape to hold it down.

Step 8: Alligator Clips

Connect alligator clips to ends of sanded wire

Step 9: Aux Cord

Connect aux cord to sanded wire

Step 10: Phone

Play Song

Step 11: Recording

Record Data

Step 12: Repeat

Do this for each Coil

Step 13: Troubleshoot

If for some reason you cannot hear sound try re-doing the wire but with more coil so the sound with be louder, make sure you connect it the aux correctly and that the positive and negative are not touching, no opening make sure all of is into once circuit.


Three main components for the speaker is the AUX Cord because without no sound will be heard,the wire is important because without it theirs no sound traveling thought them and the electrical tape is important because it help conduct electricity on the wire. The voice coils vibrate because wavelengths pass through them and if there big it begins to vibrate like an earthquake if its small it people do not feel it but when is big then yeah the ground shakes hard. When the wavelength is hard the vibration turns into sound because the wavelength has sound and when its strong enough the vibration turns into sound. We tested 3 different types of coil and the loudest one was 25 and the lowest was 15 we couldn't here much in 15 but when we add 10 more then it makes a difference in sound quality.

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