Beats by P6 Alex and Nick

Introduction: Beats by P6 Alex and Nick

There are three main parts to a speaker which are the Diaphragm, the coice coil, and the Gasket. the Diaphram Is used to improve the quality of the headphones. Voice Coil is what vibrates and produces the sound. Lastly the gasket is What amplifies the sound of the viabrations.

Sound waves travel through air pressure changes and we hear diffrent sounds depending on how frequent and how big those waves are. When we add an electrical current, via the media player, the voice coil begins to viabrate.

Before Making the headphones, We made speakers to see how many coils produce the best quality, and what diaphragm improves the quality the most. we tested 10, 15, and 25. The sound seemed to increase in both quality and amplitude as the ammount of coils got bigger. For the diaphragm, we tested Tissue paper and construction paper. The construction paper made a dramatic increase to the quality of the headphone.

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Step 1: Materials


Most of the supplies you can find at Fry's, Amazon or nearly any electrical store

2 meters of 28 gauge insulated copper wire

2 plastic cups

4 neodymium magnets

1 roll of Duct Tape

(3x3) sand paper

1 Aux plug (wireless)

1 hot glue gun

1 Media player (Smart phone, mp4, ipod, ect.)

1 sheet of construction paper

1 plastic hairband

2 Aligator clips

1 Sharpie

Step 2: Making Your Voice Coil

1. cut two two meter strips of 28 gauge insulated copper wire

2. Wrap a strip of duct tape, sticky side up, around a glue stick leaving a small portion of the tape hanging off the edge

3. Sand an inch of each end of the insulated wire.(Do not include this in the coil)

4. Neatly wrap the wire around the glue stick 25 times to make your coil.

(The more coils you make, the better the quality and amplitude of the headphones.)

5. Pull the tape off the glue stick with the coil and wrap the tape around your coil.

6. Measure and inch of wire then cut off the rest of the excess wire.

7. Sand off the tape off one side of your coil

8. Repeat steps to make a second voice coil.

Step 3: Making Your Receivers

1.Tape the Voice coil to your bottom center of your pastic cup

2. hold one magnet in the center of your voice coil.

3. flip over your cup and drop your other magnet into the cup. (the two magnets will attract and hold in place. Make sure they are both flat on the cup)

4. Do this for the other cup.

Step 4: Diahpram

1. Cut circles out of the construction paper slightly larger than the circumfrence of the cup.

2. Tightly hot glue it to the top of the cup

3. Do this for the other cup.

Step 5: Attatching the Aux Cord

1. Attach one aligator clip to both loose wires on one cup.

2. unscrew the cover of the aux cord

3. attatch the other side of the alligator clip to one of the metal dowels in the aligator clip.

4. Repeat this for the other cup.

Step 6: Making the Headphones

1. Put on the hair band and put the cup over your ear.

2. Mark where the top of the cup meets the hairband

3. Take off the hairband

4. use the hot glue gun to glue the cup to the hairband.

5. Do this for the other cup.

Step 7: Play Music

1. Plug the aux cord into your media device

2. Play music.

Step 8: Trouble Shooting

If you can not hear sound, make sure:

The coils are tight

The coil is making contact with the cup.

The wire is completely sanded.

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    3 years ago

    Carefull of copyright infringement by using the term "beats", can sue you for taking there brand name for a pair of headphones


    3 years ago

    Very fun project! Congratulations on your first instructable! I hope to see more from you in the future!