Beats by Triple a G (Alex and Arian) DIY Headphones



Introduction: Beats by Triple a G (Alex and Arian) DIY Headphones

Created by Alex Garcia and Arian Adeli

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Step 1: Your Materials

  1. Purchase all materials needed to complete the headphones
    1. You could find all materials on

Step 2: the Voice Coil

  1. Get 2 meters of 28 Gauge wire
  2. Then wrap a regular square sized post-it around a glue stick.
  3. Then get your wire and wrap it around the glue stick 50 times but, you have to give 2 inches of free space per side. The more times you coil the louder the sound will be.
  4. Once wrapped you will tape them to make sure they don’t unravel .
  5. You will sand those two or so inches with sand paper. You want to do this so you can get the wire to connect.
  6. You want to do this until the coils are copper color.
    1. Do this twice.

Step 3: Create the Ear Piece

  1. Now that you have two voice coils you’ll begin to create the cone
  2. Using your Medicine Cups you’ll put the two Neodymium Magnets on each side of the plastic.
    1. You’ll do this for both of the medicine cups.
  3. Now that you have the two magnets you’re going to want to put the voice coil on the outside magnet.
  4. Then you have to use the electric tape to tape the coil down to the coil on to the cup.
    1. Do this per medicine cup.

Step 4: the Wiring

  1. Get another piece of wire and sand it down on both left and right.
  2. You’ll then connect the coil to the ends of each voice coil.
  3. Then you’ll cut out a meter of wire and sand the ends.
    1. Do this twice.
  4. You’ll then connect one wire to one of the remaining spots of each voice coil.
    1. Do this for each coil.
  5. Then you’ll connect the last remaining side of the second wire to the AUX. All of this will create a circuit for the energy so it can create the sound.
    1. Do this for each of the meter long wire
  6. To connect the wire you have to get your AUX you will put one wire in one hole then twist it on to itself to make sure it's connected

  7. Do this for each of the meter long wire

  8. With one of the two wires you will put it against the metal center piece (You do this because that one wire will produce the lyrics DON'T PUT BOTH ON THE METAL PIECE)

Step 5: Testing

  1. Then connect the AUX to your phone.
  2. Check if it produces sound.

Step 6: Covering the Wire

  1. Once you notice it works then you are going to stretch out the wires as far as they can make sure they’re not touching
  2. Then you’re going to put a piece of tape on it.

Step 7: the Headband

  1. You will then get a piece of construction paper and fold it till it has about an inch of length and then put the middle wire in it.

Step 8: the Headphone

  1. You are going to get a piece of construction paper and then put it on the outside of the medicine cup to make it look like a diaphragm.
  2. Then tape the rest to the side of the cup

Step 9: Why We Chose This?

Coils: We chose 50 because the more amount of coils the stronger the vibration will be since the sound will be produced with a stronger force of vibrations. Since there are more coils the magnets will produce a stronger magnetic field and that will make the sound a bit clearer and louder. Since the force of going up and down is stronger.

Medicine cups: Plastic is thicker so it can have a higher density it also makes the coils a bit closer to your ear which makes the sounds a bit clearer.

Electric Tape: The current can flow through it easier; considered an insulator

Step 10: Troubleshooting

If you can’t hear any noise you may want to:

  1. Check if the coils tips are copper color and not red
  2. Make sure you connected the wires correctly to the AUX
  3. Wires are not tangled and instead straight
  4. Make sure the wires don’t touch each other.
  5. Make sure all wires are connected and is making a complete circle

Step 11: Summary

As soon we started the prototyping we started with 25 coils and it had produced a very quiet sound. So we then decided to double the amount of coils thinking it will increase the loudness. To our surprise, we were correct. This was our first important part to the headphones because without the coils we can't produce sound. Since we added more coils it caused the magnetic field to become stronger which caused the force to be stronger and the repelling and the attracting (vibration) of the coil were stronger which produces a louder sound. The magnet is in the middle of the coils because that causes the coils to get to use its electromagnetism from the magnetic field to create sound waves. The coils are made of copper so it can use the electromagnetism to vibrate. Also, the main reason the coils can vibrate is because of the magnetic field created by the neodymium magnets. That brings us to our second important part which is the magnet and while prototyping we wanted to have 4 magnets because if we had two magnets per coil the permanent magnetic field will be stronger and the vibrations will cause sound waves with higher amplitudes. The last important part in our experiment is the diaphragm and when we were prototyping we used cups, but we then changed to medicine cups because we thought that if the the complete wave form was shorter the sound will be louder. Lastly, the the wiring should make a circuit so the energy and electricity can flow through it. Overall these are our final adjustments and we believe they were good adjustments.

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