BeatsBy Erick and Eric

Introduction: BeatsBy Erick and Eric

Today you will be following a simple step-by-step experiment to create your very own homemade headphone. Erick and I are proudly to present you "BEATS BY ERICK DUO."

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Step 1: Getting Hold of Copper Wires

You first must have copper wire you can buy at the nearest hardware store for cheap prices such as Home Depot.

Step 2: Cutting Three Individual Wires to Wrap

You measure 10 inches of the copper wire with a ruler that is 1 meter. You would cut about 3 three of these 10 inch wires.

Step 3: Creating the Three Voice Coils

You then pick up the ruler and measure both ends both ends must be an inch and start wrapping it around a expo marker and/or glue stick. The first wire you would wrap it around for 10 times. Second wire you wrap around for 20 times. Lastly wire wrap around for 30 times.

Step 4:

Measure each end in one inch and use sand paper to scrape off all the red color on the copper wire. Once done repeat this process for the next two red wires.

Step 5: Assembling Prototype

Once you are done wrapping the coil wire,then you get two clear plastic cups, two neodymium magnets, grab the black electric tape and you begin to start assembling your speakers. You first put the magnet on top. Next put the coils over the magnet. Also tape enough electric tape for it to be stable. Lastly you make sure you leave to of the one inch ends sticking out.

Step 6: Wrapping Voice Coil to Aux

You then grab the aux cord and connect it to you headphone jack on your phone. Then grab two sanded ends of the coil wire and put it in the lower holes of the aux cord. Wrap it at least twice.

Step 7: Test Each of the 3 Voice Coils

Finally once you do those steps , you test each of the three wires to see which one sounds the best. Then whatever wire has the best sound quality you use that for your final prototype. Coil which made the best sound quality you make a second coil with the same amount of wraps.

Step 8: Final Product

Once you reached step 8 you start making one more wire, so you can connect it with one end of each of the speakers. Then you cut two more wires so it extend the lastly two ends of the speakers. Once you are done connecting all the wires, you can come up with any ideas you want to make your brand new homemade headphones look good. HAVE FUN! BE CREATIVE!

Step 9: Materials List.

1. Red Copper wire 10 in each

2. Neodymium magnets

3. White Board Marker ( any kind of marker is fine and or glue stick).

4. 12 in wooden ruler.

5. Black electric Tape.

6. Masking Tape' (

7. Regular Clear Office Tape.

8. Clear Plastic Cups.

9. Tin foil

10. Aux cable

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