Beautiful Home Made Winchimes




Here are some wind chimes that I made for Christmas. I am going to make a very detailed step by step instructable as soon as I have the time, but I am entering them right now so that they can be entered in the Christmas gifts contest.

I am just giving you a few photos I took of  the completed chimes. As previously stated I am going to make this into a much better instructable when I have time.

In the meanwhile I hope this inspires some of you.

Feel free to post any questions.

Enjoy and please cast me a vote in the shopbot challenge.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    nurdee1, it is also a good idea to suspend each pipe with a loop that attaches to the support plate, with the two suspension points far enough apart so the support lines cannot touch the pipe above the support hole. If the line touches tthe pipe, it will damp the sound. In addition, the sound from each pipe will be more pure if you suspend the pipes such that the clapper will strike each at its lengthwise middle. That means the tops of the pipes will be at different heights. Commercial wind chimes are made with speed and cost in mind, and I have yet to see one that has its pipes suspended to optimize the sound. You can hear the difference, though, if you suspend the pipes as I suggest.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    For anyone who is so inspired, the proper place to attach the hanger to a ringing tube is at 22.5% of the length of the tube as measured from either end. This spot is always vibrationally dead so mounting it there will not damp the sound of the chime. 

    For example if your chime is 10 inches long, then mount the hanger (hole or solid mount) at 2.25 inches from either end of the tube.  You can demonstrate that this works by marking the chime at the appropriate point and holding it there with your fingers as you strike the chime.  The tube will ring and ring.  Any other place you hold it the chime will cause a thud and the tone will lose volume quickly. 

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You can't tell in the picture but I hung mine at this point. I will explain this in the full instructable that I am working on.

    Thanks for your interest.