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Introduction: Beautiful Quilling Wall Clock

About: I am a hobbyist, parent.. love to make quilling, paintings, craft work, kids project, stay tuned for more.

Dear Friends,

I love Quilling, many people may not know about quilling.

Quilling is the art of 3D / 2D designs using paper strips, creating shapes by rolling, folding the paper.

Today lets make a beautiful wall clock.

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Step 1: What We Need ?

What we need???

1) 12 x 12 inch canvas board

2) drill machine ( you can drill from outside)

3) MDF circle clock number

4) Clock Machine and Pins ( can buy from any clock shop in cheaper rate)

5) Quilling strips of different colours (I use 3mm)

6) Quilling tools ( quilling slotted tool, tweezers, scissors)

7) Glue (Fevicol)

8) Acrylic Colour and paint brush

8) Half sticky beads for decoration.

Step 2: Preparing the Clock Position

Now, decide the clock position, and centre point using a compass (refer figures).

Drill the centre point using a drill machine.

now its ready to fix the clock machine from backside, and clock pins, numbers will appear in the front side.

lets move to the next part:

Step 3: Prepare the Background

I use aqua green acrylic colour for background.

You can choose as per your choice.

colour the the canvas board using paint brush and let dry completely.

Step 4: Making of Flowers:

Now, lets make the flowers :

please refer my another instructable for making Malaysian Flower Petal Shape - Step 1

Now cut a paper circle and make a cone shape as shown in the figure attached.

Make "Malaysian Flower Petal Shape", to make the flowers. actually we need to make many petals for small and big flowers..

also make some leaves for decoration purpose.

Step 5: Arrange Everything and Complete the Clock

Here are the steps:

1) fix the clock machine from back side.

2) fix clock numbers and pins in front side.

3)Decorate the outer circle with beads.

4) arrange the quilling flowers and leave .Please note that, arrangement is different for individual, and could be different for each time you arrange the flowers.

5) and finally the beautiful wall clock DONE and ready to show Time With a great look.

Step 6: Final Quilling Wall Clock

This is the how the Final product will look.

If you like my project, please vote for me.

See u soon..

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    thank you so much.


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    beautiful clock design!