Beautiful Wall Art With MASKING TAPE




Every one needs that his house look clean blue an beautiful. This type painting gives the home a broader look.

Paints used :
Nerolac pearl white luster and blue .
For other shades i kept mixing bot in certain proportions . Such as 1:1, 2:1 ...

Step 1: Beginning

Take a clean white coloured wall .
Any one which is lustered . Luster gives a nice finish ,as well well as shines.
If you dont want to paint the you can also paint the bed in this way.

Step 2: Sticking the Masking Tape .

In this ste you will stick the masking tape as you own wish .
For example I stuck it in an triangular mosaic design.
You can do in circles ,squares ,rectangular and also hexagonal designs .
But a triangular one is preferable as it is easy and shapes form eventually

Step 3: The Actual Painting

Now you can take a desired colour and be fix on it and paint in the triangles with the colours which are in contrast or in similar hues.
I coloured it in blue and all of its accessory shades like bluish grey and also contrasting colours like white .
Similar options are yellow, as it gives the room a fresh touch.

Step 4: Taking the Tape Out

This step is easier but must be done carefully.
Coz there are chances of some parts of wall comming out.

Step 5: Painting Different Things in a Similar Way.

I painted my bed in the same way. And in the similar style you can paint the balcony.

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    Ayesha 90

    12 days ago

    Very admirable

    Great ismail

    12 days ago

    Hey, we have the same name

    Usman Patel

    23 days ago

    Your Wall looks great!


    24 days ago

    Very beautiful and easy

    Ismail 9audreyobscura

    Reply 25 days ago

    Thanks and vote for it
    I am putting it in tape contest