Beauty and the Beast Hat Tutorial and Costume

Introduction: Beauty and the Beast Hat Tutorial and Costume

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Hope you enjoy this instructable just in time for Halloween! !!CAUTION!! This beanie is really warm to be in so I suggest wearing it on a cold fall day/night.

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Step 1: The Reason for Making the Hat

For starters we want to do the hard part first, beast's head. I do not want to wear a mask on all night so instead I decided to make a hat. The good thing about this choice is you can wear it all the time, Halloween or not, the materials don't cost that much! I would like to note that this hat is warm so it's great in winter and fall! I used this design from a beast costume that people sold.

Step 2: The Hat Design

To start making the hat I drew out a plan of how it's gonna look like. You can make your own design too if you want! This is just the basic design.The hat consists of 6 parts:
the tail
The ears
the horns
the ear flaps
The eyebrows
the main fur
I'll break it down in each step! :)

Step 3: Getting the Materials

To *start you need:
-dark brown fur (~24 inches)
-caramel brown "velvet" fur (~1 yard I still had a lot left over)
-tan/light brown fleece (I got 1 ft. of it)
-cheap beanie (got it at the dollar store)
-Hot glue gun (optional)
-sewing skills (optional)
-pen or sharpie
-leather "string"
*i got all my fabrics from Jo-Anne's fabric store !

Step 4: *Starting Off

*To be honest I didn't take that much pictures during the process (I was on a roll) so I hope these instructions are clear. If not fill free to ask about it in the comments!

For the beanie part to cover around the whole caramel fabric I hot glued (you could sew it which i recommend I just don't have any sewing skills whatsoever) one side at a time. I made sure to leave a little space just in case. Try it one and trim it. Put on the beanie and measure how much space you need to fill the whole thing with caramel fur.

Step 5: The Eyebrow

To start off with the details it's the eyebrow. Draw a slightly bent line that's 10 inches long. Then cut it out trace it on the tan fabric ad cut it out. Either sew or hot glue it on the front of the beanie.

Step 6: The Tail

Draw a line that's 26 1/2 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide. Make one side an arrow and another one a smaller arrow on the other side. Trace that onto the dark brown fur and cut. I cut some foam into a long brick about as long as the beanie(At first I wasn't sure but I made a good choice). Put the tail on the foam and glue it down cover the sides with it. Take some of the hair from the end and glue the two sides together. Take a blue fabric and cut it into a long strip. Tie the blue bow on the sides you glued together.

Step 7: The Ear Flaps

Draw an ear flap as best as you can I don't really know how to explain that. Trace that onto the caramel fur and then trace that too the tan fabric. This will make one ear flap make another one for two. Glue or sew half of the flap. Cut out a leather string strap about 37 centimeters. Tie one end of the string and glue about 5 centimeters in the flap. Glue or sew the rest of the flap together and sew it on to the hat. Do that to both

Step 8: The Ears

For the ears do the exact same thing you did do the ear flaps except smaller and don't put any leather string in it.

Step 9: The Horns

The horns are pretty simple. You draw a horn shape on paper you could look up pictures online. Cut it out as trace the stencil on the dark colored fur. Glue the two pieces together but leave the opening. Stuff a sock in it! Literally! Use some scissors and trim down the fur. After glue the opening and glue it onto the hat a little slanted.

Step 10: Finished the Hat!

Yay! You finished the hat! It wasn't that hard! It's time to grab the outfit!

Step 11: Finished! :)

Now you can be a beast on the dance floor! If you want to go full beast mode then you should get the outfit that I found on eBay if you want, but trust me you look good in the blazer or not. ;) ha! me taking alot of selfies in it! I'm hoping to wear this on Halloween so it will be exciting..... Anyways I hope all you peoplez out there have a wonderful Halloween and be safe! Ugh I sound like my dad.... Get lots of candy an look good doing it! Post pictures if you made this hat and show me pictures of your Halloween costume! Have fun my fellow iblers!

Make sure to vote for me or not I don't really care! And check out my other instructables too! Good day my fellow citizens! :)

Step 12: Halloween Night :D


So I wore this Halloween night with my bestest bestie of the bester best friends Grace, and it was a blast! She went as chesire cat from alice and wonderland so we were both disney characters. Who says you're too old for trick-or-treating ;)

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