Beauty by Day SPOOKY by Night!

Introduction: Beauty by Day SPOOKY by Night!

These are the easiest cheapest Halloween/Fall decorations! And as an added bonus you get to enjoy a nice bottle of wine, sparkling water, or Irish cream!

1. Start with a clean empty bottles. Soak the label off and use goo gone or goof off to remove residue.
2. Using masking or paint tape cut shapes for the eyes, mouth, nose whatever your "face" put them on the clean bottle.
3. Pick your poison, white for ghost, orange for jacks, or green if you feel witchy! For the ghost I used regular old white indoor/outdoor spray paint. For the Jack I used and old can of orange florescent Krylon.( think it was too old, but it actually made it look better when illuminated, which goes to show that you should never throw things away!! JK) One of two coats depending  on your paint.
4. When paint is completely dry, peel off the tape.
5. DONE! Now you can put them inside as vases, outside, and at night I used a flashlight to shine through the back. On Halloween night I will probably put a glow stick in them and put on the porch:))
* Be careful with little does break:(

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    2 Discussions

    very nice! I especially like the feathery "hair" coming out of the top of the white bottle's head, nice touch

    That first image is really creepy! I can't believe that's the effect you get, it's awesome!