Bechain. the Necklace.




Made of:
- small old lightbulb
- stator from a CD-ROM motor
- few links from a bike chain
- small gears from a quartz watch


Step 1: Collect the Needed Materials

Stator+lightbulb+small gears+bike chain+thin metal board.
The stator is taken from a CD-ROM motor and disassembled by hand from the green board.
The gears are taken from a quartz watch.
The metal board is taken from a watch

Step 2: Tools Needed

1. A grinding *thing* (anything that can help you grind the hole edges of the chain where the neck chain will be)
2. A cutting *thing* (to cut the light bulb but on the length of the circle, not through the bulb, will be glass there)
3. A diamond bit (to grid the glass inside the base of the bulb and to drill the hole inside the bulb for the gears that have to be inserted)
4. A chain press (to take the links you need)

Step 3: Preparing Pieces

- grind the small edge of the hole
- shape the chain like you want to use
- cut a sheet of metal board (i used one from a watch) to place it between the chain links where the stator will be. (have to be exactly the same diameter as the hole of stator)
- cut the bulb to fit the thickness of the stator
- drill the hole inside the bulb to insert the gears
- glue the chain to the back of the stator/bulb

Step 4: Details.

Put the neck chain, clean/polish the chain and *optionally* apply a varnish coat to the stator.
Done for wearing.
This one like the majority of my wearables are for my significant other which likes steampunk accessories.



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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    It just my or the cdrom motor coil can be used also for an arc reactor edition? Also nice way of using the chain..


    4 years ago on Introduction

    now i have to tell my son to quit recycling his comp parts .... i need them to make cool jewelry! :)

    So pretty! I'm so happy you keep putting out more instructables of your awesome pieces! Thanks for sharing!