Become a Computer SYSTEM

First and foremost:

When you become a System, you can do almost anything with the windows 7 pro operating system (all windows) . You must think before you take action. Besides this, you should be familiar with windows operating system enough to execute certain commands and know where these commands are located. For example - directory or as people call it now, in windows - folder.

My last warning to you. Don’t blame me for your actions and their consequences (sic!).


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Step 1: Download Pstools From the Net.

Step 2: Run a Cmd Command As an Admin

After running a cmd command as an admin, change directory to program files (windows directory). Then go to pstools and execute psexec as you see on the picture below. Now you will get a new window (background is black as in old MS DOS - Microsoft DiskOperatinSystem).

Step 3: Change Directory to Program Files

after that, go to pstools and execute psexec as the picture shows.

Step 4: Go to Processes and End Explorer.exe

Step 5: Find Where Your Explorer.exe Is and Execute It

after killing explorer in this session, start new session and execute explorer again

Step 6: You Are Starting New Personalized Settings,

... and ...

Step 7: You Are the System Now

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