Becoming a Wolf!

Introduction: Becoming a Wolf!

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Step 1: The Base

Starting off I matched his hair (redish brown) and used that paint to lightly cover his face.

Step 2: Hair Texture.

Then to give it a better texture I took a fan brush and a dark brown and lightly ran it over his face to give it a hair effect.

Step 3: Eyebrows

Then it's time to make your eyebrows all crazy and thick.

Step 4: Setting the Paint

Taking a brown blush I just ran that lightly over his face to set the makeup.

Step 5: NEXT

I'm going to start the mouth by making a basic 'dog muzzle' look.. and then I'm going to add some white around his eye.

Step 6: Detail

Then I'm adding extra detail.. Like 'angry' eyes... or wrinkles in the nose.

Step 7: Finishing Up

I'm going to add some black around the eyes, some white above the mouth, and then I"m going to add TEETH!

Step 8: ALL DONE


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    Wow! Your instructables are amazing. Thank you for sharing them.


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