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This is going to be a very long drawn out instructable I'm hopefully going to be able to explain this well enough that anyone can do it. I will go into more detail than I normally do and if you have a little woodworking experience you will be fine. This is a queen size bed frame for under 200 dollars. It turned out really nice. It took me a total of about 12 hours including stain dry time.

(15) 2x4 (8foot)
(16) 1x4 (8foot)
(6) 1x8 (8foot)
(4) 1x8 (6foot)

Basic hand tools
Circular saw

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Step 1: Making Your Frame(s)

For a queen size bed I needed to make it 77 1/4 inches long and 5 ft wide.

I'm making it 28 inches tall so it is same height as my nightstands. So my mattress covers 7 3/4 inches so I will need to cover 20 1/4 inches with wood. This does not include using a box springs.

So obviously you will need to move this so I made it in two parts.

So you will make two identical 2x4 frames 2.5 feet wide and 77 1/4 long

First cut your (4) outside rails at 77 1/4 long

Then cut all your upright blocks (16) at 16 3/4 long

Then cut your inside blocks (24) at 27 inches long

When framing always make nice bold marks and using a crow foot/ swoop whatever you want to call it so you know which side to cut of your line. Always always leave your line barely so you never cut to short. It's better to cut twice than cut once too short.

Get all these cut and then assemble your two frames as shown in the pictures. You will space the upright blocks along the outer rails so your screws will all align when you screw your 1x8 on the side. So basically your upright blocks will serve as backing to the outside paneling of the bed

For the upright blocks you will toenail them into your 2x4 side rails.

Save all your cut offs because you will use these to add support to your upright blocks on the inside of the frame

I used 1 3/4 inch deck screws for the framing portion. Screws are always stronger than nails even if you have a framing gun.

Use your speed square as much as possible keeping your framing square and flush on your joints/connections. Also use your speed square when cutting. Line it on the edge of your saw so you get a straight cut every time

Step 2: Installing Your Side/front Panels

For this you will use the 1x8 (8foot) boards for the side

You will need 3 for each side. Or three high however you want to look at it. The top one will sit barely higher than your 2x4 frame so it gives a lip for your mattress to sit inside of.

Best way is to set your saw at 45degrees and cut your three ends of them.

Then cut a scrap piece of wood at 45 degrees and line up your ends and screw them down.

Let your ends hang off the wall side of the bed. You will cut these all off at once at the end. Or if you will "run them wild" when you screw place them close to the joints because you will cover your screws up later with smaller 1x4 rails.

Then do your end the same way. Line up your corners nice and snug and screw that side first. You will use the 6 ft 1x8s for the front. Make sure you end them on the inside of your outside block because you will make a separate 1x4 center part that you can add or remove with screws for moving purposes

Then go ahead and cut your 1x4 slats to go on too of your 2x5 framing and just lay them in there. You won't screw these on until you get it in place because these run the full width of the bed.

Now make your 1x4 Center part to go in the middle of your two parts that you can take off to separate the two parts.

Step 3: Installing Your Outside Decorative Rails

You will use your 1x4 slats for this. Do the same thing you did for the 1x8 except your going to cover your joints of your panels with these so you will use trim nails by hand and then nail set them at the end so your sander won't catch them later. Go all the way around ensuring your staying at your same distance between them on both sides. You want them to match up.

On the front you will run the top one all the way to your center with your 1x8 and then the one below you will cut some off making it shorter and then the one below that you will make it every shorter. This is to your pref.

Then you will cut 1/4 blocks to go on the ends of the first and second rail that are square with the ground. This is just for decor so if you don't like it don't do it.

Step 4: Saw Off Wild End

Ok mark the wall end at your 2x4 frame across your wild end and cut it off square with your frames so it doesn't stick out past them anymore.

I don't have a picture of this so you'll have to figure it out. Just use a speed square and your chalk line.

Step 5: Sand Everything

Sand it sand it sand it like a wild person. Make it all smooth and presentable and then blow it all off with an air hose so you can stain it

Step 6: Stain

Stain away!

Thanks for listening and please give feedback. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Do you use a box spring with this, or do you just place the mattress flat on top? How does it feel? Can you feel the wood trough the mattress?