Bed Transformed to Storage Bench





Introduction: Bed Transformed to Storage Bench

About: I have a group on facebook.South La. radio restoration and collecting.

Was given a bed frame to use but they can be found at garage sales or thrift stores

Step 1: Cutting the Footboard

I cut the footboard 18" on each end, attached the sides of the headboard I then cut the railing to length to connect the two side together.

Step 2: Plywood for Bottom and Seat Top.

I cut a sheet of plywood to fit the bottom of the bench,this will be used for storage.I. Used the other piece of plywood for the top of bench seat/ storage. The top of bench I added three small hinges to the back side.

Step 3: Stain and Finish

I stained the pieces to match the original bed frame and used clear coat with mineral spirits to finish.Also added a lil kickstand to hold the lid open.



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    Just the thing to tell overnight guests; "here's your bed". ☺

    Nice conversion too!

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