Bed Headboard

Introduction: Bed Headboard

I needed a headboard for my bedroom, all wood was salvaged from projects that have been completed in the last few years around the yard. I had to replace a few fence posts, so 4x4 posts are cut to size from them, and a wall was torn out of the shop salvaging some 2x4s. I had some used screws that were used, the only item that was purchased was 6 ft of rebar.

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Step 1: Measure Bed

Start by measuring the bed width and height. My bed sat at 17 inches high and 60 inches wide, so my 2x4s were cut to 54 inches, that made the total width just a little wider than the bed frame itself. I decided to make the posts 36 inches tall. The lower 2x4 is set at the mattress height so pillows won't slide off the end of the bed.

Step 2: Prepare 2x4's

Two 2x4's were cut to 54 inches long. I clamped the 2 boards together and measured for the rebar holes, started at the center and marked at each 6 inches outward, 3/4 inch holes were centered and drilled every 6 inches. I also pre-drilled screw holes on about a 40 degree angle for the 21/2 inch wood screws used.

Step 3: Cut Rebar

The rebar was cut with a metal cutting blade on an old skill saw mounted on a table. (home made chop saw) A grinder or hack saw would work fine. I cut to 9 inches but can be cut to desired length depending on height of headboard required. I then wire brushed the metal for painting and found that the rebar came out quite shiny almost like it was polished, so I clear coated with a plastic finish product I had laying around.

Step 4: Cut Posts

I cut posts to 36 inches, I cut by hand with a miter box for an accurate cut, after cutting and drilling all the wood components I varnished them and left overnight to cure.

Step 5: Lay Out and Screw Together

I laid out everything on the floor, be careful to make sure knots and details are in the correct position as it is back to front and screwed in from the rear of the boards, I laid some old carpet down to protect the finish and set the 2x4s back about 1/2 inch. Make sure you measure accurately.

Step 6: Attach to Bed Frame

I used 4 screws to attach to the bed frame mounting brackets...........Make bed.........Enjoy..........

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