Bed on Stilts




Introduction: Bed on Stilts

15 years old and love to get crafty with dad. From the UK

This is an asset to any teen or kids room. It's simple and not overlay expensive and most should be able to do this without a arsenal of DIY skills

Step 1: Main Part

It's quite a simple build, just get a bed and put it on some kind of wooden stilts ( this can be done many ways) and add some wooden boards on the sides to create what I like to call "The Den" (see images if I'm not making sense) if using a double bed you can half the space under and use half of it for storage and the other half for an bed/ gaming area e.c.t.

Step 2: Furnishings

Once the main body is complete, (run some speakers inside and setup an xbox as well like I did for an awesome gaming experience) I used some black weed barrier fabric on the inside to make it look really cool and some LED strip lighting (£15 from eBay) with a couple bean bags and it starts to look really cool. You can do this build with a double or single bed, I know because I did this as a single first but my friends and I used it a lot so I turned it into a double so we could all get in, also a few of my friends have slept in there when staying round and all said how clever and cool it was. Please have a go at this build you won't regret it, it's practical and pretty darn awesome



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    9 Discussions

    I definitely am going to build this... Awesome idea!

    If you have had a go at this intractable I would love to see it!

    Thanks and do you have am estimate of the cost to make this

    I uses an existing bed frame but took out the legs and replaced them with 3"x3" timber fence posts and for the sides I used 18mm MDF and cut it to size for the bed I was using (both pieces were about 4ft off the ground)

    How much wood and what kind of wood did you use or need

    Thanks for the feedback! Sorry if I'm quite vague on detail but this design is very adaptable. Also please tell me if thing are unclear and hopefully I can help :)

    This is a really awesome idea, and might be something I do for my kids! Thanks for posting :)