Bed Table

I wanted to build a small box table to put it next to my bed.
Because I am new in CNC routing I decided to do my first bigger cnc project.

Because doing it with your hands is the best way to learn.

For this project I used Autodesk Fusion, because it is a great all in all software solution.


All you need for this project is a cnc router, 26 wood screws and 1,5 m² 15/18 mm thick plywood

Step 1: Parts

The Table is made from 7 parts

  • 2 legs
  • 2 side plates with random hole pattern
  • 1 middle plate with holes for cables
  • 1 back plate
  • 1 top plate with a hexagonal pattern

Step 2: Designing the Table

Step 3: Programming the Cnc

I attached 4 files

  • Table 18mm (assembled)
  • Table 15mm (assembled)
  • Table flat 15mm (parts already placed on the table for cutting)
  • Operations folder (here you can see which cutting speed and data I used)

You will need the following operations:

  • 10mm (or less) drill for the head of the screw
  • 3mm drill for drilling the deep screw holes
  • 6mm 1 or 2 blade cutter for the contours

Step 4: Machining the Part

  1. After machining you can use some sanding paper to give your wood a nice finish.
  2. Afterwards place the parts in the right direction towards each other and drill through the already drilled holes into the side of the wood.
  3. Now you can screw everything together.


Table was made in the Fablab Hamburg.
It offers a wide variety of tools and printers, which you can use on Openlab day.

check it out

Constructive criticism is welcome.

Also please inform me about translation errors.

Thank you and just make it.

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    15 days ago

    Hi, your project is beautiful. I've been considering a CNC machine but would like to hear from those who own them first to help make up my mind. What make do you have and about what size and approximate cost was it? Do you haver to buy a better software after buying the CNC machine or is the one that comes with it good? Also what about bits, how many and what type are needed to get started?

    3 replies

    I' am sorry but I am only able to provide you some beginner tips. The machines I am using are a bzt PFE 1510 and a ISEL ICV 4030. I also tried the snapmaker all in one solution once but it has the power and the speed of a three year old kids toy :/ Every solution with a dremel drill is like a 1000% power upgrade. All this machines are part of a fablab and not mine. I decided against buying a own cnc router because my neighbour would freak out because of the vibrations and the high pitched noise. For PCB's and Aluminium the ISEL is a great solution, but the endstop warnings from the software are kind of annoying (very safe machine). The BZT CNC is a great solution because of the size and the big 2kw spindle. Y=1915 mm X=1000 mm Price estimated 5000. For the beginning one or two drill bits are completely enough. a Ball point and a flat 2 blade cutter should do a great job. In my setup the weakest part is the bit, so it is really difficult to hurt the machine. Depending on your setup you can start with bits from 3 to 6mm. Maybe a smaller bit is better for weaker machines to protect them from two much force. -> weakest part breaks.
    Now let's talk about the software
    Your CNC comes with a controller board, and a cnc control software (often pricey) wich is processing the m code which is the output of your CAM software. There is no need that your cnc control software should be able to model and slice your files (CAM)also you don't need to buy a pricey CAM software. So you don't need to spend money there. I would prefer checking the post processor support on this autodesk site. If the post processor of your router is there you can use autodesk fusion for 90% of your manufactoring process. So when buying your router you should check if the post processor of your control board is supported by autodesk. That should save you some stress and money.

    For starting with Autodesk CAM I can really recommend the Titans of CNC Academy website. It's like Autodesk fusion just sign in and use it for free. They are doing impressive step to step tutorials from the beginning to 5 Axis setups.

    Wow! Seems way more complicated, and expensive than I thought. Thanks you for such a detailed explanation. I do appreciate your efforts to fill me in.

    Penolopy Bulnick

    4 weeks ago

    I really like the designs on the sides :)


    4 weeks ago

    Rad design! Thanks for sharing!