Bed Bugs Killer Spray!!!





Introduction: Bed Bugs Killer Spray!!!

You're tortured with dirty bedbugs?

Here's the Solution!!!

!!!Bedbugs Killer Spray!!!

I used one month this spray

Its really Works!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Things Will Gonna Need


2.Dish Washing Liquid Soap

3.Clorox Bleach works better I,d used hirex

Step 2: The Measurement of Liquids

2 cups of water

1/2 Dish washing liquid

1 Cup of Clorox bleach

and shake the bottle!!!!

Step 3: Ready!!!

The bedbug killer spray is ready

Step 4: Best Way to Use:

you can use in coners of your bed , mattress ,sofas, under the tables , wardrobe and other sides of your home.

!!!!!! keep away from clothes and children !!!



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    5 months ago

    I showed your spray formula to my sister. Sadly it didn't help her with the bed bugs but she said that it was the best household cleaner she has ever had.

    Thank you very much. Sure am going to try it .Hopefully it works.

    using bleach won't that take the color our if carpets and stuff

    I had been fighting bed bugs for awhile now and i have yet to find a chemicle mixture that actually kills them all. i found another page that talked about heat. i am going to try that next .

    Isn't very many comments, I'd like to know If this Actually works??

    Got rid of bed bugs over a year ago, and now today I found 1.

    Don't have much money, so I need all the killing bed bug cheaply Info!!!! Lol

    What't the best way to use it so that you don't get rid of yourself along with the bed bugs?