Bedazzle an Object // Ascend As a Swag Butterfly

Introduction: Bedazzle an Object // Ascend As a Swag Butterfly

Alert the world of a glorious transformation.

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Step 1: Gather Supplies!

We suggest having an object to be bedazzled, ornaments by means of which one wishes to bedazzle it, and a tool that will allow one's object to be bedazzled with longevity and resilience, i.e. a hot glue gun (editor's choice).
In addition, safety is in surplus. Keep extra sticks of glue handy and be sure to have more ornaments than one might expect to need. 

Step 2: Organize!

One of the more familiar Socratic positions: like should always be with like. Organization yields knowledge; by designing the workspace, control and independence become real. Better for one to have his tools at his mercy than for one to be at the mercy of his tools.

Step 3: Plan!

In order to avoid mistakes, better to know exactly what one is doing before he attempts to do it. In this case, visualization is more likely to bring one to materialize his more ideal form of the bedazzled object than contemplation alone.
Essentially, put things in place before glueing.

Step 4: Execute!

The time comes for decisive action. Be certain and unhurried. 

Step 5: Clean!

Remove remnants of the process, i.e. strands of hot glue.
The societal man has a natural aversion to what occurs between an object's original state and the state of the object as desired (slaughter of animals, unrewarded hardship of outsourced employees, etc.).

Step 6: Display!

Bedazzled object forces upon all onlookers holy recognition of the bearer's metamorphosis from worm to magnificent swag butterfly (Apatura Swagina).

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    6 years ago

    Apatura Swagina? Lol! Great tutorial, I've been trying to figure out what to do with my daughters jean jacket. That craft room is awesome- I'm in serious envy/lust for that room!