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Introduction: Bedroom Decoration


This is my first instructable. Since i made all the things a long time ago, i could not show the circuits. But still i tried to draw up everything needed to create the things as clearly as possible.

Do leave your suggestions and comments and let me know if i can improve them in any way.

Step 1: Bed Mood Lighting

Bed Mood Lights


2x 1 meter LED Strips any color of choice

1x 3way switch

1x 12V DC adaptor



Some plastic tubing



Soldering Iron



1.The led strips were taken and wires were soldered to the positive and negative terminals of both strips.

2. The negative terminals were joined together from both strips, whiich in turn were joined to the negative terminal of the adapter.

3. 1 wire from positive terminal of LED strip was attached to 1 end pin of 3 way switch.

4. Similarly 2nd strip's positive terminal wire was attached to another end pin of 3 way switch.

5. The center pin of switch was connected to the positive terminal of +12V DC adapter.

6. The wires can be cased in a plastic tube to prevent cluttering or to prevent one from shock :P

7. The ends were covered with insulation tapes.

Step 2: Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights

These maybe required for places having a lot of power cuts.


8-10x 4pin Surface Leds

1 Transistor Verro Board

2 Switch

1 Surface Box


9v Battery & Battery Charger

Soldering Iron and Solder

Scissors and Insulation Tape


1. Determine the positive pins and negative pins on the 4 pin surface LEDs. They generally lie on one side and can be found out by using a multimeter in buzzer mode.

2. The verro board was cut into 2 pieces for 2 sets of LEDs.

3. The LEDs were fixed carefully such that the positive pins were in one line and the negative pins were in another.

4. The circuit diagram is shown here as to how to fix them and solder them.

5. Since the LEDs cannot withstand more than 5v so 2leds were connected in parallel with the other 2 in series.

6. The second one is optional, because the battery will only discharge faster.

7. The positive terminal was connected to a switch, which was connected to the positive terminal of a 9V battery.

8. The negative terminal of the LEDs were connected to the negative of a battery.

9. The Positive terminal of the charger was connected to the +ve terminal and the -ve terminal was connected to the negative side. Specific 9v charger should only be used to prevent battery problem.

10. The setup was fit inside a surface box, all wires were insulated and double-sided tapes were used to fit the verro boards in place.

Step 3: Computerized Room Lighting

The light works (lights up!) when the computer is switched on. Its fitted to a desktop computer.


1x LED strip 2meters. I used Green.

1x switch (optional)


Solder & Soldering Iron

Double tape

Insulation Tape


1. The led strip was stuck on a preferred place. I used a board where i do all my experiments.

2. Wires were soldered to positive 12v terminal marked on strip and to negative terminal.

3. The positive was then connected to a switch which was then connected to the 12v yellow wire from a cpu SMPS. The color code is given.

4. The negative wire was connected to the black wire just beside it.

5. I had one male connector so i used one so that i don't need to tape it everytime i open my cpu.

6. Now switch on the power and the leds will start glowing.

Step 4: Disco Lights

This is one of the most important one in this instructable.

The LEDs dance to music. It has 2 channels just like stereo left and right.


2x Verro boards

1x Stereo jack male side

10-12x Blue or green LEDs

2x TIP31 NPN transistor

1x USB male jack

Double tape

Soldering Iron and Solder

Insulation tape


Surface Boxes


1. The Verro boards were cut into 5 pieces. 4 for the led sets and 1 for the controller system.

2. 2-3 leds were soldered parallel to each board. Wires were connected to the negative and the positive of the leds.

3. Double taps and some paper was used to fill the surface box and the leds were stuffed inside each of them to make 4 pieces similarly.

4. For the circuit board, the diagram was followed. 2 TIP31 transistors were put beside each other such that all the contacts were free from each other. They were soldered.

5. A small wire was soldered from pin-3 of one transistor to pin-3 of another.

6. The audio jacks wires were now soldered. Right channel to pin-1 of one transistor. Left channel was soldered to pin-1 of another transistor. Ground was soldered to pin-3 of any one transistor. All the pins must be checked using a multimeter because wire colors vary from place to place. Pin-out is given.

7. Now negative terminal of led from one set was soldered to pin-2 of one transistor and negative terminal from another set was connected to pin-2 of another transistor. The led sets are now connected to one channel each of the stereo.

8. Number of led on each channel can be increased by simply connecting to respective negative channel.

9. After this all the positive wires from the led terminals were connected together and finally joined with the positive of a USB male plug. The pin-out is given.

10. The negative USB terminal was connected to pin-3 of any one transistor. That completes the circuit.

11.A song was played with volume-on full. Note-The volume can be adjusted which in turn controls the brightness of leds. Keep it on full for the first time.

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    Samantha Led
    Samantha Led

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice !

    Look this rechargeable led lights :


    Reply 5 years ago

    hey. thanks for visiting....

    Ashwin e i

    Good work but if i may suggest, hiding the led strip from direct view, in the sense, fixing it behind the board and behind the headboard, will give you the required light as well as prevent glare. Welcome to Instructables :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    thank you... for viewing... actually there was no space behind the board so i just stuck it over.
    i'll try to modify it as u r suggesting... then it'll look like a proper mood light. ??☺


    5 years ago