Bedroom Mood Light



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Intro: Bedroom Mood Light

Surprise your partner with romantic mood light in your bedroom.
Install LED strip behind your double bed and spice room with warm ambient light.

NOTE: This is old project, so there is no progress pictures. Hope that text is going to be enough. After all, it is one simple project with effective result.

Supplies & Tools

- 2 meters of RGB LED strip (14,4 watts per meter)
- 36 W LED driver
- RBG LED controller
- 2 meters PVC cable tray as base
- Wires
- Screws

- Soldering iron
- Screwdriver

Make base frame

- Cut parts from PVC cable tray so that you can bend it into staples shape (20 cm + 160 cm + 20 cm).
- Mount it to the back of bed.
- If back panel of bed is not vertically straight, I suggest to make some distance between bad and tray to get more room for emitted light.

NOTE: You can use for base something else. Wood, metal or any other suitable material. This was the easier way in my opinion.

Install LED strip

- Place LED stripe onto prepared base to face ceiling.
- Connect it to controller with soldering iron.
- Connect controller with power supply. Solder it or use terminal.
- Screw controller and power supply to the back.

Work done!

Enjoy it with your partner... or use it as night light if you have your youngsters sleeping in your room.



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