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Hello Everyone

This instructable came very slick and neat !

I have a spare room @ my home, and one of it`s walls is empty ( beside a big picture )

So i decided to remove the pic, and build two big shelves that can host many many books, art, a bunch of stuff.

The building process took one week or so , had to buy the wood, saw it, adjust the height, and finally hang it.

Came very nice!


Step 1: Cut the Wood

Soo, first step would be to cut all wood that i bought according to my desired size.

I measured the wall and fitted it with the shelves .

But i didn't want the shelves to be regular fitted, but rather to be in a different height each.

So i had to cut each angle on the side and fit it

Step 2: Screw Them Together

Screw each wood to each other

The sides we will grind later and fill it with wood filler

Step 3: Wood Filler

Fill the gaps with the wood filler , let it dry for a few hours and than we will sand it

Step 4: Sanding Time

Sand all the edges .

We need it to be smooth as silk !


Step 5: Install Rods on Wall

This was a tricky one.

I needed to hold the shelves alone , mark the height and drill.

Soo it took some time.\

Step 6: Place It on the Aluminum Rods

Check with a leveler if all is good , if yes continue to paint it

Step 7: Paint It!

Now the painting of the wood.

I used a sponge in order to give it a slick look ( a bit grindy )

Came great !

Step 8: Prepare Rods for the Sides of the Shelves

In order to prevent the books from falling, i prepared aluminum rods and wood pieces attached together.

Step 9: Continue With Installation

Drilled the shelves at the spot i marked.

Painted the sides of the stoppers in black color

Step 10: Install Shelves

installed the shelves.

Painted yellow the sides of it - looks much better

Step 11: Finally Finished

Came out cool !



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    2 years ago

    A few clues would have been nice... like how you installed the aluminum rods. It's very nice looking... actually worth doing.


    These look really nice. I like how it can shift with other objects in the room.