Bedroom Furniture for Our Own Space

Introduction: Bedroom Furniture for Our Own Space

My family and I were able to move into an apartment six months ago. Currently we have no real furniture. We are using mattresses for the children's beds, foam mattress toppers for our bed and a card table and chairs for our dinning table. We would really like to do furnish the bedrooms since those are our personal spaces.

In my children's room, I would like to put a bunk bed against the wall, a dresser on the opposite side, a book shelf on one of the side walls, a toy chest on the other side wall and a throw rug in the middle of the floor. 

In my room I would like to put a full black platform bed against the center wall, two side tables on each side of the bed and a dresser on the side wall.

If there is money left over then I would add comforter sets to the beds.

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    4 years ago

    Since you are on a low budget, it is best to DIY your own furniture needs. Raw materials are cheaper to buy and you can customize to your liking. There are also other alternatives like pre-owned furniture stores or even craigslist which would then require you to think about hiring help to move big furniture up to your apartment.

    I have bought our basics at consignment shops (look in local phone books under "used furniture/housewares,etc"). IMO the basics are bed(s), mattresses/boxsprings/futons, a couple of side tables, a couple of lamps, at least one dresser, a small dining set, cooking utensils, pots and pans, dishes and silverware, comforters, quilts, blankets, pillows, sheets, even a few inexpensive pieces of art work. I bet we spent less than $500 to make us comfortable in our new home we had just bought and we had nothing. NOTHING! Don't forget to include thrift stores like GoodWill, Salvation Army, and I even drove the allewyways for throwaways. Yes, some of this stuff needed some paint and/or minor repairs but I even got the paint for nothing for next to nothing. Don't be afraid to ask people for help. For instance, if I saw a house undergoing construction, room additions, and the like, I'd stop and ask if I could have any leftovers like paint, screws, wood, nails, and found most folks to be quite generous and compassionate. I even got some really nice comforter sets complete w/ sheets, shams, and curtains the lady of the home had replaced and was going to give them to Goodwill. These were so out of my price range, I wouldn't have ever been able to buy them new. How awesome was that? I also was given mountains of clothing and fabric. Once we got settled and I started working on my garden, the same held true. If I saw landscapers pulling out nice bushes, perennials, taking down window boxes or had put those old-fashioned concrete planters out on the street, I asked and they became mine PLUS i got some really nice plants needing dividing. Took these home, got a huge carfull of those ugly black nursery pots, bought a huge bag of soil, divided bulbs, planted the extras in the pots and sold them! This gave me the cash to buy some nice, healthy foundation plants so our house started shaping up. In the spring, I started veggie seeds in newspaper pots, and voila! we had a huge vegetable garden that fed us for a year! We found a small chest freezer for $25 at a yard sale which for 2 adults was plenty big to freeze food for us. The freezer worked perfectly. albeit not really very attractive but w/ some cleaning supplies and elbow grease, it turned out okay. I hope this helps and remember, God will provide. If I can help, please let me know how. WWW Jen


    8 years ago on Introduction
    I just created the bed in this Instructable. It is incredibly easy and sturdy. I modified it a bit to be just tall enough to be able to have sliding drawers underneath for some storage. Overall an excellent bed.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    check craigslist in your city/nearby cities.
    I furnished my whole apartment for I think under 400 dollars by hunting for deals there.

    I found a bedframe for like 20 bucks i think,
    a big comfy living room chair for 75,
    a futon with a custom mattress and wood frame for 60,
    a table/chairs set for 35,

    and a pair of sidetables for 15 bucks for the pair.

    Note: the table/chair set and the side tables needed a little tlc - the side tables had some water damage and something sticky on them, but i was able to clean them up and put a coat of paint on them and they look like totally different pieces of furniture. The table and chairs also became new with a coat of white paint.

    anyway, I would DEFINITELY check craigslist, because you can save some serious money on your furniture, and save your extra dollars for embellishments like comforter sets, pillows, etc.

    good luck!