Bedside Marshmallow Roaster





Introduction: Bedside Marshmallow Roaster

Is it too cold outside to BBQ? Been a long time since that last camping trip or bonfire? Looking for a creative romantic evening? Just want a fun treat to share with friends? Roast a marshmallow anytime with this nifty trick.

Step 1: Supplies

What you need:

-Glass or ceramic bowl (marked oven safe such as PYREX, thanks fzumrk)

-Aluminum foil

-Tealight candles (Great place to get tons of these is IKEA)

-Marshmallows and a stick to roast them

Step 2: Cover the Bowl

Tear off a sheet of foil to cover the bowl and crimp it over the sides. Don't worry about being perfect as this is just to reduce enough air flow so it gets nice and toasty.

Step 3: Tear It Apart (Don't Turn It On)

Punch a hole in the foil and then peel it open until the opening is large enough to easily fit the marshmallow. I found that if you peel the pieces up and away from the hole it makes a nice lifted area which will help nestle the roasting stick.

A little EEVblog joke in the title there because that is what I think any time I hear part of that phrase. Thanks Dave :D.

Step 4: Light 'em Up

To light the candles I just lift the foil off and then replace it. Set the bowl somewhere away from flammables and on a stable, flat, surface and you're ready to roast. I found I could, with the metal roasting rods, just set the mallow in place and check on it every minute or so. The height is enough that they heat gently and without burning just don't get to comfortable so you forget about it.



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    16 Discussions

    it won't set my room on fire will have it?

    would floating the tealights in water work as a means of fire safety: If your marshmallow catches on fire, dunk in water. also, as the candles burn low, they put themselves out.

    Make sure you use a pyrex bowl (I think that is what is pictured) or something marked 'oven safe'. Untempered glass and some ceramics tend to break or even explode if heated unevenly.

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    3 years ago

    on the pics, It seems that they is no air which can come yo the combustion, did you make some holes in the aluminium?
    cause if the oxygen can't enter in the bowl, the candle should extinguish

    1 reply

    That's a good point. No, I only cut the one hole in the top which wasn't that big. When applying the foil I just used my fingers to quickly crush the foil into shape and it's loose enough to easily slip off. I ran the candles for their full lifetime which is several hours and never had to relite them. Maybe soneone will share an idea how to easily track very subtle air currents so I could give a better answer than: it worked for me.

    Isn't candle wax petroleum based? I could be worried of this being harmful.

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    ever heard of wax candy? they used to add sugar water to a paraffin wax (a potroleum by-product used to make wax candles) shell and kids would snack on the weird gooey mess! it's non-soluble in water and passes through the body without being broken down.

    They are made so but wax is edible but not digestible. It would be an interesting study to see how much candle wax becomes airborne when burning a candle. I imagine that eating enough marshmallow to cause serious harm from candle by products would first cause serious complications from eating all the sugar. If I ever do that experiment I'll let you know the results.

    This reminds me of when Michael Scott on The Office burned his foot on his George Foreman grill that he kept at the foot of his bed preloaded with bacon.

    Also one of those soda can survival stoves would be great too though I would only use it in the kitchen or on the table. I went with the tealights because they're not as hot as those flames so you have to get really close and while knocking over the candles might get wax on the furniture/floor they would go out while the fuel cans might not.

    "Set the bowl somewhere away from flammables and on a stable, flat, surface and you're ready to roast."

    So, nowhere near your bedside, then?


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    Yeah. Definitely CMA with that statement. I also could have added the "don't try this at home kids" that came after every cool Saturday morning "science" project. I was thinking more situations like: maybe not place it near the voile curtains. :D


    3 years ago



    3 years ago

    Light me up up up on fire!