The Old Fashioned Bedside




Introduction: The Old Fashioned Bedside

About: Just another man doing some DIY! :-D

Keep it simple!
Retro style bedside made in few hours to bring a new color to your room!
Inexpensive and easy to do!
Take a look...

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Step 1: The Materials

Some Wood, couple tools!

For this I used plywood in the dimensions and quantity of:

15mm plywood

2 pieces of 40x30cm
2 pieces of 30x30cm
1 piece of 37x30cm
1 piece of 37x28,5cm

2 pieces of 36,5x14cm
2 pieces of 25,5x14cm
1 piece of 33,5x25,5cm

1 piece of hoe handle - bought in the nearest warehouse with 1,40m and cut 4 pieces of 30cm
4 pieces of 10x10cm plywood


all purpose white glue

pull for the drawer

Let's do it!!!!

ps: I made you see a lot of wood!!

Step 2: Start the Body and Drawer

Firstly I sealed the wood and let them rest for couple hours.

Afterwards just put over then bench with the desired format and planned the holes for the screws.

So I used the 40x30cm for the bottom and top, 30x30cm in the sides, 37x30cm in the back and 37x28,5cm for the shelf.

For the drawer use the 33,5x25,5cm for the bottom, 25,5x14cm for the sides and 36,5x14cm for back and front.

Remember to make an "X" again in the drawer's piece of the front to find the middle to add the pull. Make a hole a bit bigger than pull's screw and keep that to add after adding the fabric.

Screw them up! I used 2 for each connection, except for the top.... check next step!

Shelf is in the middle of the body... you can measure or use the drawer as guide, which I did.

Super easy!

Step 3: Top

To avoid screws on top, I used those corner pieces.

E A S Y.

Step 4: Legs

This can be tricky... I thought I wansnt make it... but was easy too.

Cut the 30cm round wood...they might be 1 inch diameter.

Then I used the table saw with 20° angle, but you can use the hand saw. try to make a triangle from base to 1cm of the wood and cut in angle. Both sides, same angle.

After just screw in the middle of the 10x10cm piece. Draw an "X" to find the center and make holes in 2cm from the corner up to screw in the body. To add the 10x10cm pieces, I jumped 4cm from the bottom sides.

Never give up!

Step 5: Fabric

I thought it was going to be hard... but... easy again.

Cut the fabric to the size and leave 1,5cm on each side for the finish. Brush and glue.


Step 6: Finish Him!!!!

Stain...varnish...let dry... decorate...enjoy!!!

Thanks for viewing!
See in the next job...

Be happy!

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    3 years ago

    Nicely done, I like the way this turned out!


    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks buddy! Good to hear such words from a master instructable colaborator! Let's build!


    3 years ago

    Nice build!


    Reply 3 years ago