Bedside Table Cord Organizer

Introduction: Bedside Table Cord Organizer

I have an extension cord beside my bed with a bunch of chargers for phones, iPads, iPhones, Nintendo DSs, laptop chargers, etc. and all of them tend to tangle amongst each other. I decided to make an organizer for them that would allow the cables to hang on the edge of my bedside table.

What you'll need:
-Sharp knife (I used an X-acto Knife)
-Hole Punch (unnecessary but makes things easier)


Step 1: Figure out how many cables you want to hang.
I only needed 4 but it's always good to have extra just in case.

Step 2: Figure out the size for your cardboard.
I had an old box from an Amazon order and just cut off one side. Mine measures about 7 inches horizontally and 2 inches vertically (including the flap taped to the desk). Use the part of the box that already has a fold; this will make it easier when attaching it to the desk.

Step 3: Cut the cardboard.
I cut mine into triangles just because of my initial design (which I wound up changing). So you could just have a big rectangle instead of little triangles.

Measure the full length and divide it by the amount of cables you have. When you have your number, start measuring a half inch from one edge and mark it.  Then, keep making marks every inch until you reach the end.

Step 4: Cutting the holes.
One cable holder goes at each one of your marks. Use a hole puncher to make a circle. This is where the cables will run through. However, if you thought about it, most cables wouldn't be able to fit through it because the plugs are bigger than the hole. You need to cut a square above the circle where the cables will be inserted. Then, cut a straight line linking the square and circle so that, once the cable is inserted through the square, it won't fall to the ground. Hopefully this makes sense...

Step 5: Taping.
Cut a long piece of tape that will run the full length of your organizer plus a few extra inches on both sides. Tape it to your desk. Add more tape if necessary.

Step 6: Add cables.
Pull the plug of the charging cable through the square and then pull it through into the circle. Rinse and Repeat!

First ever instructable. If you need anything clarified then please go ahead and ask!

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