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Intro: Bedside Table

A few images of a bedside table I just finished. The table is made from three types of wood: popular boards for the top and thicker side pieces, oak for the thinner sides and slated shelf, and red oak for the legs. All cuts were made on a table saw (except for the slats in the middle, which were glued on and then sawed down to size using a hand saw. I used Titebond III (the green label) wood glue to hold it together and a couple hand planes and fine-grit sandpaper to clean it up. The table was finished with a Minwax Polyacrylic 'Clear Satin' protective coat.



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6 years ago on Introduction

Was there not a "how to" on this table before? I like the design and am venturing to do one or two for the house.


6 years ago on Introduction

Headed down to the workshop to make now. This would look great in the bedrooms. Gonna make 3 sets, Thanks for the idea.