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I had a lot off blocks left over from taking pallets apart.

So I wonder what I could make of it.

Here it is .... a Bee Hotel.

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Step 1: What You Need.

1. Pallet block

2. Pallet wood ( 1 of 18 cm, 1 of 20 cm. and 1 of 23 cm. long )

3. A thin piece of wood ( the width of the pallet wood )

4. Hollow twigs

5. Drill and drill bit 8 mm.

6. Saw

7. Nails

8. Wood glue

9. Sliding bevel

10. Paint.

11.3 mm thick plywood

Step 2: Lets Make It....

1. Drill 8 mm holes in the pallet block.

2. Cut the pieces of pallet wood 1of 18 cm, 20 cm and 24 cm

3. Cut the piece of 24 cm on both sides an angle of 50 degrees.

4. Us wood glue and nails to put it together.

5. Make from the thin piece of wood roof tiles. And paint them in the color you want.

6. Glue and nail them on top to make the roof.

7. Draw a triangle on a piece of 3 mm plywood.

8. And glue and nail it on the back.

Step 3: The Finishing Touch....

Some bushes has hollow twigs.....

Cut them in the same length as the pallet block.

If you don't have hollow twigs you can make the them by drilling holes in the twigs.

Put the pallet block in place and fill the empty spaces next to it with the hollow tigs.

And your Bee Hotel is done !

Find a nice place in your garden and the wild bees will visit the Hotel.

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6 Discussions


2 years ago

Hey hboom I wonder if this would help attract carpenter bees and then maybe they won't drill into my good wood stuff?


4 years ago

Your right Martijn


4 years ago

Thanks for this instructable, bees need a little help ;)
Instead of the 8mm holes a variety of holes from 2mm to a 12 mm maximum would mean an improvement, this way you'd see different species of wild bees checking into your hotel.


4 years ago

Have you had bees? Do you know what kinds of bees?

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Yes i had bees in it and these are friendly wild bee. They lay there eggs in the holes and close them. Then the new bees come out.