Beebeecraft Original DIY Project - How to Make a Braided Charm Bracelet Out of Suede Cord



Introduction: Beebeecraft Original DIY Project - How to Make a Braided Charm Bracelet Out of Suede Cord

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Want to try suede cord bracelet making? You can try the following pink and yellow suede cord bracelets for yourselves or friends. There are easy Beebeecraft suede cord bracelet tutorials for you!

Bracelets with suede cords are a great choice for all seasons as their smoothness, comfortableness and durability. Here, I’m so glad to share you a tutorial on making a twisted suede cord bracelet pattern, just make sure you’ve got some suede cords aside and let us just start together!

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Step 1: The Materials Needed for the Braided Charm Bracelet:

0.3mm Benecreat metal wire

9mm Golden Brass Spring Clasps

Pandahall Elite 7mm*5mm Iron Side Twisted Chain

10*1.5mm Aluminum Wires

12mm yellow glass pearl

Pink suede cord

Yellow suede cord

Step 2: Make the Basic Part of the Suede Cord Bracelet

1st, cut off a piece of golden aluminum wire and wrap it, and cut off the extra part to make the shape as the picture;

2nd, cut off two pieces of suede cords in two colors you select, cross them in double through this wire loop and tie the suede cords onto the aluminum wire loop and tighten them;

3rd, make your first braid stroke, use the left yellow one cord to cross the right one pink, cross the pink cord through the yellow hoop as the picture;

4th, tie the two ends of the yellow and pink cords, the first knot has been done.

Step 3: Make the Rest Braided Part of the Suede Cord Bracelet

1st, cross the right pink cord ends through behind the middle two cords, and cross the left yellow cords from above the middle two cords, tie the 2 cords ends;

2nd, make a loop of the yellow cords and cross through the pink cords like the picture, tie the 2 cords;

3rd, repeat like the 1st step to make the know and tie them together.

Step 4: Add Another Wire Wrapped Pattern

1st, repeat to braid like the above steps to the length depending on your wrist, put another golden wire wrapped pattern onto the four cords ends;

2nd, fold the four cords against the wire wrapped pattern and cut off the the extra part to glue them on as the picture shown.

Step 5: Finish This Simple Suede Cord Bracelet

1st, add a 12mm glass pearl to the headpin and make a loop, cut off 2 pieces of chains and connect them by the pliers;

2nd, wrap 0.3mm wire onto one golden wire wrapped link and connect the wire with the chain;

3rd, add a spring clasp to the chain, and add the finished pearl dangle to the other end.

Step 6: Now, the Suede Cord Bracelet Is Done!

This is really a simple yet ingenious suede cord bracelet DIY pattern, right? Pearl dangle design also delight the bracelet as well. Fine suede jewelry can be created in few minutes and they can help you jewelry making lovers to customize your style and mode. Hope you will like the Beebeecraft tutorial.

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