Beebeecraft Tutorial - How to Make a Pair of Clear Crystal Seed Beaded Stitch Starfish Earrings



Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorial - How to Make a Pair of Clear Crystal Seed Beaded Stitch Starfish Earrings

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Summary: Do you like beaded starfish earrings? Today we’ll show you how to make a pair of beaded star earrings, This Beebeecraft article is about a pair of handmade seed bead and crystal bead star earrings.

This pair of seed bead star dangle earrings are suitable for people who searches for the gift for friends. They have well-designed structures and good-matching colors. Well, let's see how to make the handmade seed bead and clear crystal bead star earrings.

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Step 1: Supplies Needed in DIY the Beaded Star Earrings:

10mm Round White Glass Pearl Beads Strands

2mm golden seed beads

0.3mm LightGrey Tiger Tail

Brass Earring Hooks

0.7mmx7cm Golden Brass Ball Headpins

4mm Clear Bicone Glass Beads Strands

Step 2: Make the First Part of the Beaded Star Earrings

1st, cut off a piece of very long tiger tail, then thread the wire through the earring hooks and slide a 2mm seed beads as the picture;

2nd, cross through four 2mm seed beads again to form a bead loop;

3rd, slide a 4mm clear bicone glass beads, a 2mm seed bead, and another bicone glass bead from the left end, a 4mm bicone glass bead and 2mm seed bead from the right end, then form a bead pattern like the picture.

Step 3: Make the Second Part of the Beaded Star Earrings

1st, add 3 seed beads and form them together, then add one 4mm bicone bead and 4 seed beads;

2nd, form the 4 seed beads together, continue to add one bicone faceted bead on the right wire end and a bicone faceted bead and seed bead on the right.

Step 4: Complete the Beaded Star Earrings

1st, twist the two ends of the wire and form the beads together;

2nd, continue to add beads and form the pattern like before, do 4 more petals like the beaded pattern before; 3rd, finish the bead patterns and cut off the extra wire, refer to the above steps to make the other pair of the beaded star earrings.

Step 5: Here Is the Final Look of the Beaded Star Earrings:

What do you think of the beaded star earrings? During the DIY process, you can also change the color of the beads according to your own preference. It's a little complicated to make the stitch beaded starfish earrings. So, be patient during the bead stitching process. This DIY project is also a good choice to learn bead stitching techniques. If u like the design, u can follow the tutorials and all the jewelry craft supplies can be found on Beebeecraft.

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