Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Red Heart Dangle Earrings




Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Red Heart Dangle Earrings

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You can create a quick and inexpensive beading project out of jumprings and some of beads, you feel interested? These super easy earrings require merely basic wire wrap techniques by using minimal amount of materials.

This Beebeecraft tutorial is to show you how to make red heart drop earrings,Learning together with the handmade earrings ideas of making heart dangle chain earrings project, you will master it!

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Step 1: The Supplies for This Red Heart Dangle Earrings:

Red heart shape glass beads

Pandahall Elite Iron jump rings

Silver Color Iron Earring Hooks

Benecreat 0.5mm Silver Copper Jewelry Wire

Step 2: Make Basic Part of The earrings

1st, cross the wire to a heart bead and wrap like the picture with the pliers;

2nd, connect 10 small jumprings to a a big jump rings, connect another 3 jump rings.

Step 3: Finish Making Cluster jump Rings Drop earrings

1st, connect the 3 jump rings to the big jump rings pattern;

2nd, connect another 3 jump rings to them and connect them together as the picture;

3rd, connect an earring hook to the other end of these jump rings pattern and the heart pendant;

4th, do the same to make the other red cluster earrings.

Step 4: Done!

Now I have finished this Beebeecraft heart dangle earrings tutorial, so easy but beautiful, right? I'm sure the pretty earrings will make you pretty. Hope this couple of red heart earrings can bring you warmness and good mood.

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    1 year ago on Step 4

    These are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!