Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make a Cute Flower Felt Hair Clip



Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make a Cute Flower Felt Hair Clip

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Summary: I’d like to share a super easy tutorial on making flower felt hair clips for little girls today. If you would like to DIY a felt hair clip, you will never miss that Beebeecraft’s tutorial.

You can make a flower felt hair clip with simple materials and simple steps in some minutes. It doesn’t require any special techniques. Take up your tools and follow me to make this cute flower felt hair clip for little princess!

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Step 1: The Materials for This Felt Flower Hair Clip:

Black Hair clip findings

Yellow square felt

White square felt

12mm Acrylic beads

Step 2: Make Felt Flowers

1st, draw 15 the flower petals and a circle on the felt and cut them off from the felt;

2nd, glue the petals to the circle.

Step 3: Finish the Hair Clip

1st, Glue 7 petals to the circle felt, then glue another flower petals below them;

2nd, glue the 12mm acrylic beads to the felt pattern, attach the flower pattern to the hair pin.

Step 4: This Is the Final Look:

Although simple, pretty and versatile, right? We have finished this lovely felt flower hair clip! And if you like this handmade felt hair clip, please stay focus on my following articles! Have a nice day!

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