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Summary: This instruction is about making a green beaded flower necklace, if u are searching for the beaded jewelry tutorials, never miss this one.

Step 1: Supplies Needed for the Necklace

Have u ever had the experience of doing the handmade jewelry on your own? And do u want to have a nice try of doing beaded flower necklace? Please follow me to learn the detailed steps of doing this green beaded flower jewelry.

Supplies needed to make this green beaded flower necklace:

9mm Brass Bolt Spring Ring Necklace End Clasps

Silver Iron Jump Rings

0.2mm White Fishing Thread Nylon Wire

2mm White Glass Seed Beads

3mm Green Transparent Glass Seed Beads

2x1.5mm Coffee Transparent Glass Seed Beads

14x7mm Pink Pearl Drop Jade Glass Beads

6mm Natural Rose Quartz Bead Strands

Silver Tone Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps

Stainless-Steel Scissors

Step 2: Make the Beginning Part of the Necklace

1st, Cut off a piece of fishing wire, slide a 2mm white seed bead, three 3mm green seed beads, one spring clasp, and another three green seed beads and one white seed bead onto the wire;

2nd, Tie a knot to make a seed bead loop and slide a 6mm rose quartz bead to the wire, then twist the left side wire to the right to make a knot and cut off the left extra wire;

3rd, Slide a 2mm white bead, three 3mm green seed beads, three coffee seed beads, two white seed beads, three coffee seed beads, then two white seed beads onto the wire;

4th, Make a loop by cross the wire through the three coffee seed beads (as shown in the picture)

Step 3: Make the Basic Bead Patterns of the Flower Necklace

1st, Add three coffee seed beads, one white seed bead, twelve green seed beads, then cross the wire through the white seed bead to make a beads loop;

2nd, Thread the wire through the next six green seed beads and slide a white seed bead, then tie a knot;

3rd, Add a pink pearl drop bead, a white seed bead and twelve green seed beads, cross the wire through the white seed bead and six green seed beads to make a loop;

4th, Slide a white seed bead and tie a knot.

Step 4: Make More Bead Patterns

1st, Continue to add three coffee seed beads and cross the wire through the 2 white seed beads as well as the three coffee seed beads;

2nd, Slide three green seed beads, one coffee seed bead, three green seed beads, a white seed bead, a 6mm rose quartz bead, add the same beads to the another side of the 6mm bead;

3rd, Add three more coffee seed beads, refer to the above steps to make the flower beaded pattern.

Step 5: Add More Beads to the Beaded Necklace

1st, Repeat to finish five beaded patterns like before steps;

2nd, On the sixth beaded pattern, continue to add one more layer bead patterns, then add the pink pearl drop bead.

Step 6: Complete the Basic Necklace Pattern

1st, Continue to add the beads and make 5 more beads pattern as the five pattern before;

2nd, Thread the wire through the 6mm bead to make a loop of the green seed beads, add a jump ring to the green seed beads loop.

Step 7: Finish the Beaded Necklace

1st, Slide one white seed bead, three green seed beads, one coffee seed bead and three more green seed beads, cross the wire through the coffee seed beads and the two white seed beads;

2nd, Continue to add the same beads arrangement and cross the wire through the 6mm bead, slide the same beads as before(as shown in the picture) ;

3rd, Refer to the steps to add more beads till the end.

Step 8: Here Is the Final Look of This Beaded Flower Necklace:

What do u think about this beaded flower necklace after the tutorial? I am attracted on seeing the beautiful and elegant design, and u can wear it to attend the party or go out with friends.



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