Beehive Shelf

Introduction: Beehive Shelf

How to make a shelf hidden as a Beehive in the corner.

1. Salvaged wood. If you are buying than I suggest pine as it's cheap, pliable, and smells delicious when you cut it. A 1 x 4 is about 7 dollars from OSH or Home Depot.
2. Wood Glue (If you have a nail gun that works too).

How to Make It:
1. Use wood glue to attach the back two boards at a 90 degree angle to fit snuggly in a corner.
2. Jigsaw steps in the sides (the width of the wood you will be using) for the strips to fit onto.
3. Cut your strips to lay over the front of the shelf. This can be done by cutting your wood into three pieces and finding the angle (I go by eye) that you need to make the curve.
4. Bandsaw off the top of the curve in the pattern you desire. I used an undulating cut.
5. Make three shelves spaced out and line the edge with the strips of wood.
6. Glue those in.
7. Add liners for the shelves that will slide in.
8. Repeat (attach strips to new shelves in same manner, only don't glue in.)
9. Stain and sand all strips.
9. Have finished shelves to slide in to make a complete beehive when pushed in.

I made it at the Techshop!

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    Thank you Penolopy! It's currently in an art show at the Barber Lounge in San Francisco if you would like to see it in person.