Beeping Component Tester




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This is very simple beeping component tester. It tests components like Resistor, transistor, capcitor, led and diodes.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

1. BC188/BC327 Transistor

2. Buzzer

3. 1k Resistor

4. Any resistor

5. Any Capacitor

3. LED

4. Any Diode

5. NPN-Transistor

6. PNP-Transistor

Step 2: Ready Up Your Hardware

Assemble the components on breadboard according to circuit diagram and your hardware is ready to test the components

Step 3: How to Test?


If you wanna test resistor, just connect both the testing probes to both ends of resistor, the buzzer will change the intensity of beeping according to change of size of resistance.


Connect both the terminals of capacitor to the testing probes and the buzzer will sound with full intensity at first and then it will decrease its noise.


Connect the testing probes to any polarity of diode, the buzzer will beep. If not change the polarity.

Note: The buzzer should beep in only one the polarity.


Connect the testing probes to LED, and the led will light up with the beep of buzzer. If not change the polarity.

Step 4: Testing a Transistor

For NPN-Transistor:

Connect the testing probes to Base and collector the buzzer beeps. If the testing probes are kept at Base and emitter buzzer beeps again.

For PNP-transistor:

Here the buzzer only beeps when the testing probes are connected to base and emitter of transistor. Or it will not beep in any of the case.



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