Beer Bottle Trick !!

Introduction: Beer Bottle Trick !!

Beer bottle Trick. See how you can park a beer bottle in the corner of a room. It looks as if the beer bottle is hanging on the wall. This is a very cool beer bottle Trick. Beer Bottle Bar Trick. Beer bottle trick. For more Beer Bottle Bar Tricks you might want to visit You can find this beer bottle trick at We have huge collection of bar tricks - all the bar tricks are free and presented in video. Cool Beer Bottle Trick.



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    16 Discussions

    great trick! but doesn't work on my wooden hut..

    frikkin sweet! i used a small bottle of wersestichier sauce. it worked tho and amazed my dad!

    I love doing physics teacher used snapple bottles one day to do it and I remember none of us believed he was doing it without any assistance!

    So I just went and tried. It worked so I filled the bottle up with water and tried again. To my surprise it still worked!

    This works with a lot of things. Bottle caps are the best, stick with minimal rubbing, and they are laminated so the paint doesn't really get damaged.

    I no the trick where u pull dozens of real eggs from your mouth if u wanna trade just ask!

    Cool job! I tried with a Crush bottle (without the stickers) and it worked great!

    Nice on, you seem to have a real thing for miller... I did a similar trick except it was a bar fight and the bottle got stuck staight in to the drywalll to this da y it's still there because it looks cool, we also poked a hole a few inches below and stuffed in a few of the passing fariy lights making it look to be hovering inside the wall.