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Have a great season but didn't quite make the playoffs? Celebrate your team's spirited effort and surprise them with these fun, unique trophies.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • bottle of beer
  • scrap piece of metal (like metal flashing)
  • tin snips
  • file
  • hole punch/awl
  • mallet or leather jeweler's hammer
  • template 2" x 5/8" (use scrap of card)
  • engraver tool
  • baseball toy figures, spray painted silver (search: Amazon for toys)
  • jump rings (bead/jewelry supply)
  • length of chain (bead/jewelry supply)
  • silver spray paint

Step 2: Create Metal Tag

  • Use template to cut out 2" x 5/8" piece of metal
  • File edges
  • Punch holes in the corners

Step 3: Engrave Metal Plate

Step 4: Bend Metal Tag

  • Use the bottle and mallet or leather jeweler's hammer
  • Put gentle bend in tag

Step 5: Finish It Up

  • Add jump rings to metal tag and add length of chain
  • Use hot glue or epoxy to attach spray painted baseball figure to top of bottle
  • Depending on your toy figures you may need a small piece of plexi to secure figure to bottle cap

  • Other notes:
    • I did a whole set for my softball team
    • I varied the players on the top and tried to match them to the player's position
    • I used all the same type of beer but you could mix & match the bottles
    • Obviously you could swap out the beer for soda
    • or make basketball trophies by swapping out the baseball figures for basketball figures

Step 6:



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